Ginger Aid Drink


Having Lyme sorta throws you for a loop. Even when you think you have a baseline of feeling crappy but maybe sort of some stuff you can do, like write a short post and make some food, a day like today comes along and you just can’t get anything done. I’ve had horrible on and off for 24 hours now and the only thing it responds to is Atarax which is an antihistamine which I may as well take because it’s been horrible allergy season. But it makes me very tired.

So I had some other ideas for a post today but I’m phoning it in with this homemade ginger drink. It wasn’t enough to cut my nausea completely today but it helps.

Ginger Aid Drink (sugar-free)


  • sparking water (I used my sodastream to make some)
  • grated fresh ginger
  • plain stevia drops, to taste (start with 3)*

Microplane some fresh ginger into a glass of sparking water. Add drops of stevia and stir. No sugar and ginger goodness. Enjoy.

*if you hate stevia try a teaspoon of agave or just enjoy plain.


I also spent some time reading by my dad’s garden on this lovely late summer day.

PS: All the sudden my photos are big? WordPress is confusing me! Help!


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