Happy Caturday (new feature)



Hi and hope you are having a relaxing weekend. I spent today gathering up a few veggies and fruit at the farmer’s market, eating watermelon and reading some Time magazine in the garden.

I love Caturday, but my cat is way too shy for photos. (Not really but I’m shy on his behalf.) So I decided it could be fun to have a new feature. Every Caturday I mean Saturday I will feature a photo of your kitty and perhaps (no promises! I’m a sicky!) a sketch I do of him or her. I am trying to get back into drawing and I need practice. Cats are super fun to draw. Please be easy on me, I’m very rusty at drawing. I am being brave here by publishing these.

Here’s my first victim, I mean volunteer, Bayer, who is a friend’s cat. He’s a big cuddler, he snores, and he loves catnip. Orange cats are so cute. He makes me want to bust out my orange markers but I tried that and it was a mess.ImageImageIf you would like to volunteer your cat for Caturday, leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch.


10 thoughts on “Happy Caturday (new feature)

  1. I love your sketch of Bayer! 🙂 I’ve posted a photo of my cat Mystery at the end of each of my Vegan MoFo posts; if you would like to sketch her, you are more than welcome to do so!

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