Pancake Sunday (and a tofu quiche)


Today was supposed to involve a long drive but the event got canceled. So I celebrated with pancakes for brunch and sleeping in. They are doing construction in my back yard so it’s my one quiet morning. Glorious sleep. So important for chronic illness.

ImagePancakes are from Vegan Brunch which I de-glutenized by using all purpose GF flour (I like Bob’s or Trader Joe’s). I also omit the oil in the recipe to make it lower fat. I do use a touch of coconut oil on the pan. Then I added blueberries and raspberries and on top just a touch of maple syrup, I love it so much but I have it in moderation because it’s awfully sweet. Sometimes I have pancakes with peanut butter or with an apple compote. What do you top your pancakes with?

ImageAt the farm stand today I got some apples for an apple crisp (recipe pending!) and I noticed there were some definite signs of fall. Mums and pumpkins mixed in with the last hurrah of peaches and corn. I am excited for fall food, it’s my favorite eating season, especially early fall when we still have some goodies from summer to enjoy too, like delicious tomatoes.

ImageTonight for dinner my husband and I made a tofu quiche, which was inspired by Oh She Glows but I used a chickpea flour crust instead and subtracted the sundried tomatoes and added some fresh herbs from the garden and some kalamata olives. We served it to some family and they liked it. 


 And we have leftovers. So I’m off the hook cooking tomorrow. Phew.


 Now I need to go catch up reading more of the mofo posts. If you are a mofo blogger, please comment below so I can be sure to check out your blog.


7 thoughts on “Pancake Sunday (and a tofu quiche)

  1. The pancakes and quiche bot look really good. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well Bob’s Red Mill GF flour works. I didn’t know TJs had one too.

  2. I eat my pancakes plain! Always and forever. My family prefers maple syrup.

    Love, love, love tofu quiche! My two favorite recipes are in Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites (Steen/Newman) and Sprouted Kitchen (Forte).

    That pumpkin in the photo is gorgeous – but so are the nasturtiums! Ever use the leaves in a salad?

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