Green juice and Friday links

Sorry I went MIA. I really had hoped to stay on top of daily posting for Mofo. And I hate when people apologize for not posting. I mean it’s like, just don’t post then get back to it when you want to, ok? But I also dislike long gaps with no posts when I expect one. I’m a demanding reader. But I’ve been feeling kinda cruddy and trying to deal with medical appointments which have been rescheduled about 10 times on me (not exaggerating, I wish). And someone in my lyme support group died. Which I mention not as an after thought but as a note, hey, lyme kills. I could devote more of a post to the whole subject but it’s too depressing right now.

Healthy juice. I’ll give you a pic I have of my delicious green juice I made awhile ago with watermelon rind, celery, kale stalks, and a bit of apple. Watermelon rind makes tons of juice.



And some farmer’s market pics. Hopefully I’ll feel better to go this weekend.


A few links of some recipes I want to try: (adapt to be GF/sugar-free if needed)

Ricki’s easiest almond cookies

Tahini cookies (use GF flour—a blend)

Veganized momofuko compost cookies (use GF flour, sugar subs)

Gluten free Dark Teff bread

GF vegan quick bread

Mocha tahini protein fudge

I think I need some cookies.


3 thoughts on “Green juice and Friday links

  1. I didn’t know you could make juice from watermelon rind. I’m going to check out the teff bread to see if it’s something I want to make.

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