Caturday and cookies

Happy Caturday!

This particular Caturday involved cuddling with cats, buying stuff for cookies, making cookies and eating cookies.

And a sketch of a cat while they baked.

gigi caturday sketchgigi

This is Gigi. She likes wine racks, rubbing against feet, and hanging out with her brother George who is too shy to be caught on camera.

Cookies are the Double Chocolate Almond Explosion from Vive Le Vegan by Dreena Burton. Adjustments I made were to use Pamela’s artisan gluten-free baking mix, which I liked and it was on sale, even better. I meant to sub coconut sugar or xylitol for the sugar portion, but I forgot (lyme brain!). After tasting the dough, I decided it was sweet enough with just maple syrup and the chocolate chips I used that contained sugar, even though they were dark chocolate. I also scrapped the almond extract since I don’t have any. Should I get some? Sounds interesting.

Oh and I added pretzel salt on top from GF Synder’s pretzels. You know, the stuff at the bottom of the bag? It mixes well with chocolate.

chocolate explosion cookies

Now to go give some cookies to my mom who helped drive me 3 hours to see my doctor the other day. She loves chocolate.

Have a good Caturday!

If you would like to volunteer your cat (with purred permission of course) for Caturday, please leave a comment and I will put your kitty on the schedule.


4 thoughts on “Caturday and cookies

  1. The cookies look so dark and chocolatey. If I hadn’t just made an apple-caramel cake I’d be tempted to whip up a batch.

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