Time for a mofo writing prompt! Thanks to the bloggers at Vida Vegan Con for coming up with these! We love you.

PROMPT: Five kitchen utensils or gadgets you cannot live without.


1) Ceramic knife

I really rarely use a metal one anymore. Multiple reasons: it’s much lighter and lyme makes my hand hurt and muscles weaker. It’s sharper too. It’s supposed to keep veggies and fruit fresher. Just don’t drop it on the floor. I did that once. It breaks.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.52.22 PM

2) Pizza Slicer

I don’t make pizza that much (maybe once a month) but when I do it’s so handy to have this. I know because I was without it when I was staying with someone else and it was much harder to cut the gluten-free pizza.


3) Tea strainer

I love my tea strainer. I get bulk teas and make my own tea out of herbs and barks and twigs and stuff tso this is very handy. It doesn’t let any leaves through like other teas. I get so frustrated with those ones that explode on you. No one wants to eat bark, just steep it.

cookie silpat

4) Silpat

I got one of these after seeing it on some other blogs. It’s really changed how I bake/cook. It eliminates the need for parchment paper. And nothing sticks to it. No more burned mess to scrape off. If you hate cleaning baking pans and feel wasteful using so much parchment paper, this is for you.


5) Silicon muffins cups

These are great for muffins, but also are versatile for other things. Last post I used them in a bento-like way to keep the sauce separate for the summer rolls. I will often use them in  that way, pack a few with little things in a larger lunch container. They made great molds for chocolate (I like to make my own stevia-sweetened.) and nut butter cups. And sometimes I even use them to help me organize a small fistful of vitamins I might have to down.

Pizza and green beans: brought to you with the help of the ceramic knife (to cut the veggies on the pizza and the beans), the silpat (crust was baked on it), and pizza knife (to cut it, duh).

more pizza please


3 thoughts on “Mofo writing prompt: 5 kitchen gadgets

  1. The silpat and the muffin cups are two things on my want list. I’m sorry I didn’t buy the silpats I saw at Costco last year.

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