MoFo childhood fave: PB and J on toast

Lots of vegan bloggers this mofo are doing a nostalgia or nosh-talgia theme, taking favorite foods and veganizing them. I can’t say I had that in mind today when I made breakfast this morning but then I realized this has always been one of my favorite foods: peanut butter and jelly, or more specifically peanut butter and strawberry jam.

I never was much for meat sandwiches, I mean if forced I guess I ate them from time to time but there were far more types I dislike than liked. So the old trusty PB and J came to my rescue many a childhood lunchtime (and the occasional dinner). My grandfather got me into peanut butter and jelly on toast, and that really elevated the sandwich for me. I decided I liked whole grain bread with seeds on top and grains visible. That is, until gluten struck me down.

This bread is not your typical bread, it’s a dense, chewy, nutty, seedy, cinnamon-y bread, that’s not trying to be anything but itself. Its good for you but also tasty. It’s called “The Life Changing Bread.” Although I am not sure how much it’s changed my life, but I do have a good vehicle for PB and J. And it toasts well.

I whipped up a strawberry jam my easy-peasy way but just pouring a frozen fruit bag into a stove pot, adding a half inch water, then simmering until it all melts down and the water boils off. Then I add stevia because I’m all sugar-free like that (candida take that!) and then even some chia seeds to keep it together if I have any around. Boy those little buggers are getting expensive.

So I enjoyed. And I have another load waiting. And it was a crappy day and maybe tonight I will need another slice.

bread with jam 2


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