Coconut Oil Chocolate (sugar-free, stevia-sweetened)



One of the hardest things about having candida was giving up chocolate. I was a big chocolate person before that, although I did give it up for awhile when I was in the throws of my first heartburn crisis.

However, on the anti-candida diet plan, coconut oil was an option, even required, with a suggested intake of a few tablespoons a day. That’s kinda icky if you try to do it on your spoon and down the hatch. Why not have fun while you eat your coconut oil? I had to find a way to make it palatable: so enter coconut oil chocolate.

But why coconut oil? It’s an antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial. It goes it also processed by the liver and bypasses needing much of the gallbladder. It’s got all kinds of good fats in it. Don’t be afraid. Even after my gallbladder removal, I was able to have a bit of coconut oil, slowly increasing until I am back up to medicinal levels.

The best kind of stevia for this is NuNaturals. Otherwise the chocolate will still have a bit of bitterness to it. The coconut oil also helps take away some of the edge of the cocoa’s bittnerness. I have a few other tricks up my sleeve with that but for now I’ll stick to my basic recipe.

Basic Coconut Oil Sugar-free chocolate

(makes one “bar” or 4-6 cups)


  • 1/4 cup coconut oil, melted (use virgin and unprocessed)
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon plain alcohol free stevia drops, NuNaturals brand (other brands will work but it might still be bitter)
  • pinch salt as desired
  • add-ins: raisins, crumbled up rice cakes, nuts, cocoa nibs

Mix coconut oil and cocoa together and add stevia. Taste and adjust with more stevia if needed. A little stevia goes a long way though. You don’t want it to be overly sweet. Add a pinch of salt and add-ins as desired. Crumbled rice cakes make like a Nestle Crunch Bar texture (pictured above). I also like raisins if you are able as it adds a bit more sweetness. Nuts are always good.

Place the mixture into a vessel. Here are some options: silicon muffin tins, silicone ice molds, a glass square container, a metal container lined with wax paper, parchment, or plastic wrap.

Freeze until solid, 20 min-30 hr.

Store in the freezer or refrigerator. They will melt a little since coconut oil has a low melting point. Bring napkins to the chocolate-fest.



13 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Chocolate (sugar-free, stevia-sweetened)

  1. Hi! I’m finally visiting, and so glad that you’re blogging. This looks easy and delicious, which is exactly the kind of stuff I need to be making right now. Ok, now I’m going to peruse through all of the previous posts 🙂

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