September Vegan Package Swap

Lucky me! Today I got my vegan package from Vegan Package Swap! I decided to sign up this month to reward myself for blogging for mofo. I am nice to myself, huh? Anyhow, I got matched up with someone and we exchanged a bit of info and here’s my loot! I decided to stick with only US for cost sake but I think it would be fun to do an international one so I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

My swap partner understood that I was gluten-free which I so appreciated!

Here’s a list of the goodies:

  • “That’s It” bars: I tried the mango one and it was delicious! I don’t eat too much dried fruit so it’s a big treat to me when I do.
  • Sea Tangle Snacks: I haven’t dug into these yet but I do like sea veggies so I’m looking forward to these.
  • Go Raw Carrot cookies: I love these! I’ve had a lot of these gluten-free raw cookies in the past and they are always yummy. I love that they are naturally sweetened with just dates and no agave or sugar.
  • Artisana nut butters: I love these! I’m going to be traveling this weekend so I’m looking forward to spreading these on an apple or rice cake on the go.
  • Bombay Spice Crunchy Chickpeas: These are so yummy! I was skeptical but I dug in and they are delicious!
  • Tapaz to go: Sadly these have whey so not vegan. I am pretty strict vegan so I’ll pass these along to a friend.
  • Oolong Tea: one of my favorite kinds
  • One with nature soap: smells so good!
  • Compassionate Living magazine: I love ethical reading material.
  • Homemade Lip gloss: wow I feel so special.
  • Lotus Moon Lotion: This will be great for travel.

Lucky me, huh? I also snapped a pic of what I mailed but in case she hasn’t gotten it yet I want to make sure it’s still a surprise. Thank you swap mate!

To sign up yourself, go to All About Vegan Food.


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