Fomu vegan avocado ice cream


I braved the road today, partly because I was due to have a doctor’s appointment near Boston, but it got canceled. At that point we had already planned some things that were special to Boston, because planning fun stuff in Boston helps me get through the agony of the ride (hip pain!) and doctor’s stuff. We decided to go anyhow. And ice cream awaited!

I’ve been to Fomu in Allston three times now and each time I’m getting braver with flavors. The first few times I tried many flavors but ended up settling on chocolate then strawberry. This time, I remember the avocado being really good, even creamier than the other flavors. It’s a coconut base, but in general slightly less creamy than say, Coconut Bliss or So Delicious. And the caramel and strawberry were a little too sweet for me. I don’t eat much agave, even if it’s less sweet than sugar, it’s still pretty sweet. The avocado ice cream was perfect in its sweetness. My husband and I were trying to think of how to describe the flavor. It doesn’t taste like guacamole if that’s what you are afraid of. It was like a hint of vanilla with some lime zest, but not very tangy at all, and some avocado flavor, but it mixed very well with the other sweet flavors. A tiny bit like key lime pie, but in a subtler way. Very unique, special, and worth driving a few hours for.

We also got regular dinner at Grasshopper, which is all vegan Asian restaurant is down the street. I got the snowpeas and fake shrimp. They look a lot like shrimp but they have the texture of a vegetable. Image

I love Grasshopper food. It’s got a delicious sauce. We also got chowfun rice noodles with tofu but my husband mostly ate it.

Time for me to tuck into bed now with a full non-dairy ice cream belly. Sweet dreams everyone! I’ll be back with Caturday tomorrow.


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