Muffin Monday


Oh how wonderful it would be if every Monday was Muffin Monday! I’ve always been a fan of muffins, I mean, who isn’t? I try to make them healthier by reducing the sugar and of course they need to be vegan and gluten-free. I ran across this recipe at Healthy Blender Recipes (no blender needed on this one). So delicious! One of my issues with gluten-free muffins is that they can get dry the next day, or be way to crumbly, and these held together nicely considering no xanthan gum and were nice and soft the next day.


ADJUSTMENTS:  Since this was already vegan and gluten-free, I only had to modify the sugar. I used a combination of xylitol and coconut sugar, my latest favorite combination because too much xylitol can make the baked good too moist or soft, and too much coconut sugar can make the baked good too runny in the batter (perhaps there’s something else I need to adjust), not to mention just makes the glycemic load too high.

I also decided to add an oat crumble on top because I love that on my muffins. I wasn’t too precise, I used about a half cup of plain GF oats, a spoonful of coconut oil, cinnamon, and a bit of vanilla stevia, mixed, then added it on top.

And I didn’t have chocolate chips so I added raisins instead. You will rarely see me reduce the chocolate content of a recipe.

The oil content is a little high in this recipe for me, but that’s probably why it has such a good texture! I might try subbing half of it out with applesauce next time, and see how that goes. I try not to make too many adjustments to recipes or I could end up with a mess on my hands and I dislike wasting ingredients!


I also tried this almond milk cultured yogurt to give me a little more protein for breakfast. My husband had warned me it might be too almond-y tasting plain, so I added some blueberries thawed from the freezer, a drop or two of vanilla stevia, and some cocoa nibs. It was rather tangy but I liked it. Although I do prefer their coconut yogurt better, especially the thicker or “greek” one. Who wouldn’t prefer coconut?


Have a good start to your week.


2 thoughts on “Muffin Monday

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