Brunch at Organic Garden

Organic Garden is a little cafe outside Boston In Beverly, Massachusetts. It’s all vegan and mostly gluten-free. They have a lot of raw foods, which are naturally gluten-free since there are no grains typically used in raw cuisine, instead it contains nuts and seeds and fruits and veggies.

We decided to go for brunch on the way out of town. It was a nice day so we sat outside.

I got the raw bagel, which I’d had before. It’s not like a regular wheat bagel, but it’s much healthier, packed with seedy goodness. The base is buckwheat, which is not wheat, but a type of seed. It’s chewy like bread but denser.  NOTE: Be sure to not have them toast the bagel if you are very sensitive to gluten because the toaster at this point is shared with wheat bagels. Our server said they are working on changing that.

raw bagel organic garden

I asked for their regular cashew cream “cheese” which is a tangy spread made from cashews. It’s a great compliment to the bagel. If you are missing cream cheese, but avoid the fake ones due to the processed ingredients, this is for you.

My husband got a peach coffee cake, and I tasted a bite (Ok maybe two). it was delicious but very sugary! They have a lot of raw and sugar-free desserts, but a few traditional vegan baked goods, some gluten-free. There’s a lot of options in the dessert case.

organic garden peach coffee cake

We also shared a smoothie that had young coconut and strawberries. We had to request no banana, to make it less sweet. (I also can’t seem to tolerate bananas since I went off them for the anti-candida diet.) Sorry I forgot to take a picture until we were almost done.

strawberry coconut smoothie

Overall, a great restaurant. They had brunch specials they had like an egg-free omelette. There’s tons of choice for gluten-free and vegan here: smoothies, juices, baked goods, raw treats, bagels, and more. Plus the whole lunch menu. Definitely worth the trip!


4 thoughts on “Brunch at Organic Garden

  1. That raw bagel looks amazing. I’ve never made one, but I have tried one, ages ago at Quintessence, and vowed I’d give it a shot sometime. Maybe that time should be soon!

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