Caturday and Kit Kats

Last few days of Vegan Mofo! I am bringing you Caturday a day late, but not without lots of purrs and chocolate to make up for it.


Here we have Mystery, of My Apologies for the Novel fame, posed here for Caturday. Mystery likes boxes, cuddling, and curling up in blankets and with her bear. Thanks for being so cute, Mystery.


I also made some gluten-free vegan Kit Kats of sorts. I added almond butter to them because crunch + nut butter + chocolate = delicious.ย  They were sort of messy but very tasty. I used the general idea from Forks and Beans, but instead of Rice Chex I used Barbara’s Gluten-free Puffins (the Trader Joe’s multigrain are labeled gluten-free) and the nut butter instead of her chocolate middle. I didn’t bother to dip the sides back in chocolate either because I ran out of chocolate. Quelle horreur!

My abbreviated version of Kit Kats (gluten-free, vegan):

So, it’s chocolate, melted down (of make your own sugar-free chocolate), then add to a parchment-lined pan. Line up pieces of cereal. Freeze a few minutes. Then drizzle peanut butter or almond butter onto the cereal. You will need a more runny sort of nut butter. Then drizzle more chocolate on top. Freeze a bit more but not entirely, maybe 5 minutes. Then cut into slices, and then you freeze all the way.


Sorry to the person I said I would give one too. We ate them all! Guess I’ll have to make another batch.


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