Alternative therapies: the Biomat

I am starting a series on some of the alternative therapies I’ve done, particularly the ones I like the best. If you would like to write a guest post about an alternative therapy you do, please contact me via my contact page.

I have owned a Biomat for over 6 months now. I’ve been very happy with it. I had an opportunity to try it out a few times beforehand, which I think is important. I experienced benefits right away and knew that it would help me. The features I was interested in were:

  • Raising of body temperature, since mine tends to be low (typically 97 degrees F) due to thyroid and other issues. Just an increase in body temp of 1 degree can help fight illness.
  • Increase oxygen. The data on this is anecdotal, but friends of mine had live blood cell analysis before and after a biomat session and their red blood cells were separated and therefore able to have more access to oxygen. Oxygen has been shown to fight illness.
  • Relief of muscle aches and pains.
  • Helping with sleep

When I get a chill I get very cold, especially before bed. I lie on my biomat for at least a half hour before bed each night. It helps get me to sleep faster, relieves my aches and pains, and helps me warm up.

I don’t know how I’d get through this awful hip pain I’ve had the past several months without my biomat. A short session on the mat helps my muscles loosen and makes it easier for me to get to sleep.

My elderly pup loves it too. She is quite thin with has short fur and and loves to be warm and cozy. Biomats have been known to help animals with health conditions.

I don’t know if it’s really fighting my lyme or infections. I can’t really say. I see it more as a way to help my symptoms at this point. Much better than other options. Sometimes taking an Epsom salt bath, which is supposed to help detox, is too intense for me or too much work. The biomat also aids detox and is relieving to muscles in the same way without making me overly fatigued. (Here’s a link with more info on Lyme and the Biomat.)

It is a steep price tag, even for the minimat, which I have, which is a few feet long and it best for sitting on. But it’s helped me save money on massages, also I when I am cold I sit on the biomat instead of jacking up the heat, hot water for long baths or showers, and who knows what else I may have had to use instead of the biomat. The electricity used is 100 Watts, similar to a light bulb.

A tip I have for the minimat is that I use a crib sheet to keep it clean, it fits over the mat perfectly.

I am not affiliated with biomat in any way but I am quite happy with mine so I wanted to spread the word in case it is something you are interested in. I suggest finding a dealer near you so you can book a trial session to see if it’s right for you.