Katie and Cafe Indigo

I’m writing this as my veggie burgers cook and listening to fellow lyme patient Caleb McGinn’s music. Today is the first day I was able to make anything for dinner, my loving husband has been keeping us from starving. I had my doctor’s appointment on Monday and it’s a long drive, which I do not drive myself but just being in the car take a huge toll on my hips and leg pain. Then my energy was just zapped.

Yesterday, Lyme Disease got some attention on the Katie Couric show. Dr Horowitz is a very well known Lyme doctor and was there to make some good points about Lyme and Coinfections (What are coinfections? Other tick-bourne illnesses such as mycroplasma, bartonella, babesia and more. Yup I have all of the ones I mentioned.) There was also a few patients with uplifting stories of recovery. Sadly there was a doctor who was just repeating misinformation about how all testing for lyme is reliable and it’s just not

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Anyhow, onto some food. I try to make part of my doctor’s long trip fun if possible (if I am feeling up to it) and tie in a Trader’s Joe’s trip or another store that’s only in the south of my state, or do something to make it more interesting. This time we went to Cafe Indigo, one of New Hampshire’s only vegan restaurants. I’d seen them at the Boston VegFest before but not ever been. So it was time to try it out.

They had a simple menu that was pretty traditional veganized American food, like sandwiches and burgers and stuff. Not too greasy looking though, a little more to the healthy side, like with some kale salads and stuff.


I got a veggie burger, which is all gluten-free. They have the option putting any all their sandwiches on gluten-free bread. I am used to pretty mediocre gluten-free bread, but I was hungry and needed something hearty. I think the bread was the best part! So good! It’s from Abigail’s bakery also in New Hampshire.


I also brought home a gluten-free chocolate cupcake for my husband but it wasn’t that great. They do have a full row of gluten-free vegan desserts but they can’t guarantee they are 100% GF due to cross-contamination.

Anyhow, good luck, because it was one of my last carb-fests as I am tightening up and trying to get my candida under control again. More on that later. Spoiler alert: I miss sweet stuff.