Merri Caturday

Today I bring you a cat that is up for adoption! Her name is Merri and she is at Peace Ridge Animal Sanctuary in Maine. Please call 207-326-9507 if you are interested. She is still a kitten! I loved drawing her big eyes and fluffier fur.




I also went to the farmer’s market, where the goodies are sort of whittling down to dark greens, tomatoes, pumpkins, squash and potatoes. I can make that work.



Have a good weekend!

I need more cats for Caturday! Submit your cat by using the contact form or leaving a comment below. Requirements are a nice clear picture of your cat.



3 thoughts on “Merri Caturday

  1. nice drawing of an adorable cat! you’re a natural! i find it hard to draw cats. i tried drawing biggles a while back and gave up.

    i just tried sweet dumpling squash and can’t wait to make it again. we also did the butternut squash mac and cheese (oh she glows recipe) and acorn squash bowls with sweet butter. would love to see what you did with it! hope you’re having a great weekend!

    • MMm squash is so good, huh? I think we just roasted the squash. I am finding it easier to draw cats but trees drive me crazy! I always give up on those. I am working on improving. Thanks for the encouragement.

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