Caturday with Tasha

Here I am back with another rescue cat. She’s currently at Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society in Brownsville, VT. I just loved how unique her face was. I don’t feel I did a good job with the black and white contrast as I wanted to. But I am still learning.

Because I wasn’t that thrilled with my cat sketch, here’s a charcoal I did in art class this week of squash.

Speaking of squash I got quite a haul from the farmer’s market and stand today. Only a few more Saturdays left of the market. But the farmstand will be open until Thanksgiving.

Some cranberries, green beans, cucumber, lettuce, squashes, kale, tomato, broccoli, pepper, apples. All local and organic.


It’s been nice out and I’ve been hanging outside with my dogs. But the downside is there are ticks everywhere. In the past week I’ve found 3 ticks, 2 attached to my dogs and 1 was a nymph deer tick that was crawling on me, hours after I’d come inside. From now on I’m doing a thorough tick check even if I’m only outside a short time.

Be safe! Ticks are bad in the fall due to them loving dead leaves. Here’s a tick ID chart and if you get bitten, here’s a place to mail them to get the tick tested, because it’s much easier to test the tick than your body once infected.

If your cat is interested in being sketched for Caturday, please contact me with a comment or using the contact form. A nice clear picture is required.