What I Ate Wedneday

I decided to do a WIAW (well, Tuesday’s food, but published Wednesday) because I do get questions about my daily eats and about what a person can eat without sugar and who is gluten-free and vegan. This day was not 100% sugar-free but other than the puffins and a bit of crystallized ginger in the bread it was. And it’s fairly typical although some days I do eat less and usually I eat some chocolate.


While I was cooking my oatmeal, I started out with a small handful of gluten-free puffins, which I rarely have but we usually get one box a month for a treat when we go to Trader Joes. I don’t find they fill me up enough for breakfast though.


Next up was my oatmeal. I cook my oatmeal with 1/2 cup GF oats (this time it was Bob’s Red Mill since I had a coupon), 1/2 cup So Delicious coconut milk, 1/2 cup water, 1 small sliced apple, cinnamon. Usually I add chia seeds but I forgot this time. When it’s done I add 5 drops Vanilla Creme Sweetleaf Stevia. (as much as I like NuNaturals brand I just love this flavor with my oatmeal and my chai tea.)


My favorite Chai tea from Trader Joe’s which is from rooibos so it has no caffeine. I add stevia and coconut milk. So Delicious coconut milk does not curdle in hot water.

Next up: lunch. I’m trying to eat more protein so I wanted to make sure I got a good amount in at lunch.


When I have access to the Food for Life gluten-free wraps (they are at Tj’s), I make a hummus wrap, usually with veggies inside too. A lot of people dislike these wraps but I think if you heat them gently on the stovetop in a nonstick pan, then only fold them in half (not roll or in thirds), they work just fine.


I made a really quick White Bean and Kale Soup which I will write up the recipe soon. It was filling and warming as the day was so cold. And lots of fiber, veggies, and protein.

Usually I end up eating more snacks in the afternoon but the soup filled me up better so I only had a handful of almonds (unpictured).

We were off to my parents’ for dinner but I made some pumpkin bread to contribute.

My mom is cute and always asks me for recipes so she can make something vegan and gluten-free. We went back to an old favorite of Caldwell Esselstyn’s (of Forks Over Knives fame), a sweet potato and red lentil soup with mushrooms. Thanks, Mom!


And there was some Beanitos which are nice low carb chips with no corn.


And salad which I had with just balsamic vinegar. (It’s nice to eat vinegar, I was off it for a year due to medication.)


And of course for dessert the pumpkin bread which was sugar free and sweetened with partly NuNaturals stevia, part tagatose, and part coconut sugar. And a little crystallized ginger bits. I can post a recipe if you are interested (or even if you aren’t).


And unpictured small dollop of So Delicious sugar-free coconut ice cream.

Overall nutritionally, a good day. I skipped my chia seeds and coconut oil, so I’ll be sure to add them in this week so it evens out.

And the theme of WIAW is Halloween Treats and Spooky Snacks. The spookiest snack I usually have is when I leave something in the back of the fridge too long. Go read the others if you are interested.


4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wedneday

  1. everything looks delish, esp that soup! i just tried beanitos. they remind me of burnt potato chips or something, but i kinda like them. just bought mary’s gone crackers original flavor and really love those.

    • That’s hilarious: burnt potato chips. Maybe try the flavored ones, they are different. I do like Mary’s but for some reason I like her pretzel’s better. I think because the crackers tend to be quite sharp. It’s a texture thing.

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