Vegfest: the fest

Part 1 of Vegfest!





Last weekend we went to Boston Vegetarian Society’s Vegfest. I had been looking forward to it for so long even though I usually despise car rides and travel for the toll it takes on my body.

It was impossible to really take a picture of all the goodies that were there. It was so crowded that I basically had to wait in line to get to many of the most popular booths, and shove in to get the sample, then creep out.

Some highlights were:

  • Samples of small-brand healthy eats like the delicious dried fruits, raw crackers, granolas, kale chips, and chickpea snacks
  • Samples from larger vegan-friendly brands like Izze drinks, Raw Revolution Bars, Cedar’s hummus, Daiya cheese, Attune Erewhon cereal, Vega protein powder, Sun warrior protein powder, Beanitos chips
  • Specialty Vegan stores with clothing, jewelry and shoes for display
  • Sanctuaries and animal rescue groups with a passionate mission
  • Publishing companies with tons and tons of excellent vegan books and cookbooks, too many to list
  • Vegan sweets such as chocolate, Fomu Ice cream (I tried the pumpkin flavor–yum!) and Vegan Treats cakes and cookies

The festival was very gluten-free friendly. It’s always hard to have a restriction when you feel like everything fits your ethical guidelines. But I barely felt deprived at this festival. Even hummus companies did a good job of having gluten-free crackers. All but one vendor understood what gluten-free meant.
I didn’t want to restrict myself too much so I allowed myself some sugar. The real sugarbomb of the day was that last picture, the GF tandy cake by Vegan Treats which I shared with 2 others (it’s about 4 inches wide). It was so so delicious I do not regret it at all! In fact two years ago I did not get one and I was regretting that decision for 2 years.

After the festival I was a big mess but I had my biomat with me and rested and went to bed very early and things were better in a few days. Festivals wipe me out!

Part 2 will be the speakers I attended.


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