When I feel better, I don’t often stop to think about it, I just move on to all the stuff that was waiting on me while I felt awful. Things I wanted to do, things I had to do, just life. And then other times, when I am feeling better, I tell people then it gets worse right after! It’s some sort of curse. But I have noticed now a pattern of getting better, not just getting one symptom going away and another emerging, like before, but no really better. My head is clearer, I have less fatigue and even now some pain going away. But fatigue being better is the biggest one, because who can do anything if you are tired?

It’s only been since my new doctor who is a naturopath who is special trained by ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) that I have had improvements. It’s been an investment of time, because the traveling is long, and money, because she is not covered by my insurance and there’s a lot of supplements and medicines to take. If I wasn’t getting better, I would not want to spend that time and money much longer. But now, it’s worth it.

I mostly post this because I want to give other lyme patients hope. Now some may say it won’t last, or that I am not really better if I have to take herbs and antibiotics still. I am still in the process of getting better. But even if I have to take some of these things for life, I would rather have a life taking supplements than a life of pain and misery.

The problem with lyme, is that it’s often not just lyme! It’s co-infections, it’s mold, it’s toxins, and that it’s different for everyone. And, now part of what I am dealing with is the fallout from lyme: what lyme destroyed in its path. For me it’s some hormonal things and adrenal and thyroid issues among other things. I wish i could say to everyone to take what I take and you will be better. But this combo may not be best for you. I will say to do what I did: find the best doctor you can, be willing to travel and make an investment in the process for a certain amount of time before you want to see progress.

I really hope I keep improving at this rate, but if I don’t I will still enjoy the time that I am better and try not to be worried every minute that it’s going to get worse. And at this point I’ve also learned how to live better with chronic illness, which helps. I’ve learned my limits and how to work around them. I’ve learned how not to make myself worse.

There were lots of times I wanted to give up but something told me to keep fighting. I kept researching and trying to find ways to improve. I try to connect with other people with chronic illness and lyme who are positive and help relate. I think these things are important and illness can be isolating so finding others who have a similar situation is important. And don’t give up, I care about you.


3 thoughts on “Improvements

  1. Glad to hear your health seems to be improving, and you feel confident enough to share. You’ve worked long and hard to get well and your success is well-deserved. You are a great example to others that they should never give up — just keep trying to find the best practitioners and treatments, including dietary changes. Hope you continue to see and feel improvements!

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