Caturday and cupcakes


The cupcakes are for my husband, who deserves it, and I’ve also had my eye on these since I got Ricki’s book Naturally Sweet and Gluten-Free (which is all gluten-free, vegan, and free of cane sugar). Heck even before I got my hands on it. They are delicious and not too sweet. You will never guess what’s in the delicious frosting I will do a more formal review of her book soon.

I sketched Squeakers a week or two ago for a friend.


We worked on gesture drawings this week in art class, but with people. I came home and did several of my cat, so much so that he likely got annoyed at me. Cats move fast so you only have a few seconds to get something down. It was good in getting me to loosen up in my drawing. Now that I look at my gesture drawings, I actually prefer them to others because even though I can’t get details down  (before he runs off) I feel more movement of the cat.



Today I went to get some more ribbon (the use of which will become apparent very soon) and some veggies at the farmstand and now I’m off to the library.

Hope you have a happy Caturday! Stay tuned for a big announcement in a few days!

If your cat would like to participate in Caturday, please contact me!


5 thoughts on “Caturday and cupcakes

  1. Ha. I know exactly what’s in the frosting — I’ve been making a version of it ever since it first appeared on her blog. 🙂 Nice gesture drawings!

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