My new Etsy shop


I’ve been sort of busy this week! Not busy from blogging obviously. I took on a few projects and one kind of spun into more than I thought it would be but I’m ok with that. I’m still adjusting to some of the treatments my doctor adjusted last week. But I’m still doing a lot better. It’s weird, you think being sick so long you’d be so happy to be better, and yes it’s true. But, it’s also overwhelming because I always had so many things I wanted to do and now I feel overwhelmed with how to do them all. I still have limits, even if they are not as many as before.

So, my exciting news is that I opened up a little Etsy shop. Last year I got into making ornaments and this year I wanted to try to sell some to help raise funds to help pay for other art lessons and for a lyme conference I want to go to this winter. So I appreciate the support! Some of them I am donating a portion of the proceeds to charities.

On the food front things have been very simple so not much interesting lately. Many thanks to my husband who shares equally in dinner creation.


breastfeeding gingerbread mama

I’d appreciate your spreading the word about my shop and giving it a “heart” on etsy if you like it.

I also started a twitter account @TimeTravelTabby if you’d like to follow me there.


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