What I Ate Wednesday

What I ate Wendesday…again (ok it was really Tuesday but today is Wednesday).

What does a gluten-free vegan sugar-free lymie eat?


Yesterday I made a Sunshine Loaf from Ricki Heller’s book. It was delicious and I skipped my typical bowl of oatmeal for a few toasted slices with a tiny bit of earth balance.


While I was waiting for it to toast I had a crispin apple with some peanut butter.

I was off schedule because my cat was up at night yowling. We weren’t sure why but were concerned and today took him to the vet. We got a last minute appointment so my lunch was simple, just a black bean burger I grabbed and ate cold, nothing fancy.


I made sure to grab some chocolate too! On my way out the door. This is a 100% Ghirardelli bar (no sugar) that I had melted down and added stevia, raisins, salt, and cocoa nibs too. And then froze (again night before).


We spent awhile at the vet. I was sad that he does have some cystitis and crystals in his bladder. He has to change food and he has antibiotics. Poor guy. Hope he doesn’t cry as much too so we can sleep better.

I came home and had some Brazil nuts, my second favorite kind of nut (first being roasted almonds).


It was my turn to make dinner so I went with a simple Split Pea Soup. I used the recipe in Appetite for Reduction as a blueprint but didn’t have the smoked paprika so I added some vegan bac’uns instead. I chopped some collards for veggies and added some leftover black rice to the bottom of my bowl.



Then some “red hot blues” chips for a treat. I do tend to eat less of these than I might of other chips, because they are spicy. Or so I like to think!

And another piece of no-sugar-chocolate for dessert.


And tonight working on some more sewing on my little gingerbreads. If you are interested, check out my giveaway for one of your own.

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