Turkey Day


Instead of Caturday, I am taking the time to have a “turkey day”. No, not Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving to me is about the harvest, but plant harvest, not animal. I always do take some time to honor turkeys around this time of year because so many are killed for this holiday. I submitted a few turkey pieces of art to the 46 million turkeys art project, which will be installed in Maine.

I know most people get together with family and feel like they don’t have a choice about whether to eat turkey or not. Even some vegetarians cheat on Thanksgiving. But take a minute to consider the amount of lives lost, and also that turkeys are some of the most interesting and creative birds. I won’t go into details about the horrors they suffer, just honor them here and think of them alive and happy.


Of course a felt one.


If you are vegan or vegetarian, what’s on your compassionate menu this Thanksgiving? For us it’s stuffed squash, mashed potatoes, greens, pumpkin pie, baked tofu, green beans, and maybe apple crisp.


5 thoughts on “Turkey Day

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