Vegan Beauty Box November

I got my Vegan Cuts beauty box a few weeks ago and have had a few weeks to use some of the items. Here’s the rundown:

  • North Coast Organics deodorant in Death by Lavender: Cute little mini bar that’s perfect for travel. I prefer this to the one you have to stick your hand into. If were to have to die, going from lavender would be ok as opposed to some alternatives.
  • Pacifica Lip Butter in Coconut Kiss: This is a nice, subtle lip tint. I appreciate adding a new color to my lip repertoire. I am not always the biggest on the lip colors you put your hands in though. (Yeah I don’t like to put my hands in stuff unless I’m doing art.)
  • Earth’s Enrichments bar soap in Fresh Ground Java: This smells amazing! Vegan Beauty Box has the best little soaps. I love the smell of coffee and chocolate and it is helping my skin stay softer too. Favorite item in the box.
  • Rainbow Honey Nail laquer: A nice festive color. I have to get brave enough to put some on.
  • Medusa’s makeup powder: Very sparkly and shimmery. A little goes a long way!

Overall A good box. I like the size of the items and I will use them all in good time.  So far I’m very happy with Vegan Beauty Box and hope to keep my subscription going awhile.

I also added another few items to my etsy including this little stuffed kale.

peace joy kale wood

Check if out if you are interested at Time Travel Tabby Cat.


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