Luce’s Gluten-free Bread


I was lucky enough to receive some Luce’s GF bread mix from my sister and family for Christmas. Wow what a bread! I don’t know if you have tried many gluten-free breads, but they are usually too soft on the outside or too hard all around. Well Luce’s puts all of them to shame.

Luce’s is so easy to put together, just add water. There is some rise time and a long baking time (over an hour) but it’s worth it.

So far we’ve tried the sourdough, which tastes just like sourdough, which is my favorite, and the buckwheat. Both have a nice thick crust, like french bread, and a soft interior fluffy bready part. The crunch to the outside is what’s I’ve been missing my 15 years of not eating wheat bread. The buckwheat is similar in texture but has a few seeds in it (pumpkin, chia, etc) and a slightly buckwheat-y flavor. I tried to tell myself it’s healthier with more variety.


The bread is not yeast-free or carb-free but the ingredients are simple. It’s all vegan and doesn’t rely on eggs for sticking it together like other GF breads. We don’t eat it daily because it disappears so fast, and it’s a smaller loaf. So far we’ve been having it once a week on the weekends. We just served it to company last night and our dinner guest said it definitely could pass as non GF bread. He asked for seconds on it.

The initial mixes are $7.95 but you can get the flour packs in bulk for only $2.75 if you find your own baking bag (not even needed for rolls) or buy them for $2. It’s definitely more affordable that way. (This item was purchased by me and I was not paid to review it.)

Luce’s, you are our heroes for making such a convincing and deliciously crusty GF bread! We love you! Now, please make bagels.


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