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I’m a 30-something woman recovering from chronic illness. Longtime vegan for ethical reasons, and I feel getting rid of meat, eggs, and dairy. No veganism did not cause my illness. I got a tick bite that gave me Lyme Disease and other tick-bourne infections such as mycroplasma pneumonia. I also have genetic predispositions that give me trouble detoxing and to mold. A few years ago I was exposed to a house full of mold. I developed candida and changed my diet drastically–no fruit, sugar, and low carbs. After 8 months on the anti-candida diet, I had a new digestive issue, which ended up being a diseased gallbladder (very common for Lymies). During that time and after it was removed, I had to eat low fat. And increase my carb intake.

So now my goal is to eat balanced. I am always gluten-free and vegan. I have celiac disease, and guess-what? The best diet for Lyme is also gluten-free. I am no longer very low fat but I watch fried foods and portion control for all foods since my digestion is still sensitive. My sweeteners have expanded beyond stevia as I am able.

Because fatigue is a big symptom, I keep my recipes simple. I use up my daily energy doing things like making juice and writing, but it’s important for me to keep creative.

I will maintain this blog as a nonjudgemental space for people to share freely.

I hope to share recipe, things I enjoy, some of my daily eats, educational topics, and inspiration. Thanks for reading!

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