Vegan Cuts January Beauty Box

Here is what came in my Vegan Cuts January Box:

NuStyle organic detangler– Perfect timing. I was just thinking I needed something like this! Winter weather and too many hats have made my hair a little tangled at times. The smell is good and it works well at detangling, as intended.

Ofra Cosmetics–lipstick. This is probably one of the 1st vegan cuts things I don’t like that much. It had a funny smell to it, which isn’t that great with lipstick, and it’s very much like a stain and not creamy or glossy enough. It was hard for me to spread on.

Primal Pit Paste–I gave this to my husband for when he needs a bit of deodorant in a pinch. Someone must have told Vegan Cuts that I stink because I’ve gotten a lot of deodorant from them over the past 9 months or so of boxes. Hope I smell better now! I’m using one of their little sample bars on my trip this week and it’s quite handy.

Dew Puff– I was also  just thinking I needed something like this for my legs since winter weather is taking it’s toll. It’s made of konjac. Upon use, it just seemed like a regular sponge, not very exfoliating, it’s actually quite soft. Interesting material.

Biao Beauty–night cream–I tried this and I love the smell of anything rosewater. It was a nice cream, not to thick. Unfortunately my skin freaked out a little (bumps) and I cant tell if it was from this. One of the dangers of trying a few new things at once.

Better Botanicals–scrub and cleanser. I tried the scrub. It was a thick scrub that scrubbed well, but I wasn’t too fond of the scent.

Disclaimer: I paid for this box with my own money (well actually it was a gift from my husband) and was not paid to review it.

Overall, not the best box ever but some good finds. And always fun to explore and unwrap my surprises each month. A lot of it is the fun of anticipation.

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whale glasses case eat me choc wrapper 2heart bag front view goat beets

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3 thoughts on “Vegan Cuts January Beauty Box

  1. I’m sorry – I’ve been sooo absent. I need to put your blog link on my blog so I’ll more quickly go to it – my brain doesn’t work as efficiently after 4 children. I just checked out your etsy shop, too, and I think I’m going to order the elephant hoop – love it.

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